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1 Ιουλ 2015

REFERENDUM 07.05.2015 – We abstain!

Greek people are asked, in a few days, to vote in a referendum with feigned dilemma. Greek citizen are requested to answer if they want to accept the agreement of economic measures for the country to stay or not in the eurozone.
But most of our fellow citizens correctly perceive the dilemma of the referendum as a rejection or acceptance for the country to be in the European Union.
There are also Greek citizens belonging to national minorities who have a different perspective on this dilemma. Most were and are in favor of the European Union and what it represents: democracy, freedom, respect for diversity, human rights, equality before the law, justice for all and equal opportunities.
Greece, a country which is on the EU core since 1981, by far resembles a European country. Apart from some artificial prosperity that it  had for some years, thanks to financial assistance from the EU by the various support programs for its poorest regions, any other obligation in European ideals were not imposed to Greece. It remained a country hostile to any kind of minority and diversities, denying basic human rights of them, and most of the time, especially with regard to national minorities, exercising a policy of discrimination and oppression on a large scale.
In particular, the national community of indigenous Macedonians did not benefit at all from the participation of our country in the EU. None of the issues that concern us, as a national group, did not advance, not even those of collective self-determination, the right to free assembly, the education in our native language, the protection and promotion of our cultural heritage. In almost all countries of Northern Europe and also in the South, these issues have been solved and accepted by the signing and ratifying in the parliaments of all the Charters relating to national minorities.
The EU so far, unfortunately, has not been interested in the problems of minorities in Greece. They all know in the EU very well what was happening in Greece over the years, but politicians of all member countries did not want or could not resist their Greek counterparts because they preferred to have them as allies in many other issues of the Union, and not as opponents. This tolerance, however, and the discount on democracy and justice increased the arrogance of Greek politicians, made them insolent and more demanding towards European citizens. Greeks considered that the EU could be governed just like they ruled Greece, without democracy at the base, with oppression, discrimination and false promises. Greece is one of the few countries that almost never respected its signature in various treaties and agreements!
Today the EU asks Greece to decide whether it wants to remain a member of the Union. But to remain in the EU, Greece must finally comply with the financial rules of the Union. Finally, the European partners decided to ask Greece to comply with the rules or leave the Union!
There was, so far, no obligation for Greece, to democratize itself and accept all the rules of democracy and the respect for minority rights and implement all the conditions relating to these rights.
Our proposal, as Macedonians Federalists , is for Macedonians of Greece to abstain from the referendum on July 5! It is an opportunity to complain about the state of our rights in our country, with double recipients: both Greek politicians and the other European leaders. If you really want a united Europe, with economic prosperity for all, there must be also democracy for all! Currently, EU citizens are divided in second and even third class citizens, with no respect to their basic human rights, but they will have to bear, however, all the burden of keeping Greece in the EU, as equals!
We abstain from the referendum because for Greece and the EU we are still "out", anyway!

If Greece will remain outside the E. Union, perhaps then it will be allowed to minorities in the country to be heard, finally, since Greece will no longer be in a strong position within the institutions of Europe, to silence them! It will be left without allies in Europe and perhaps in America!

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